Challenge today

What is a “Challenge Pack?”  That “Challenge” word is  a bit intimidating , right?  I am very competitive so I like the word challenge. I have to say it’s not what you think. The word “Challenge” is there to give your lifestyle and the way you live, a little kick in the butt. The best part of #BeachBody there’s a program for every personality. Plus when you take the leap and make that choice to #challenge your life, you get so many tools to help you succeed. Or your money back! Right that’s how confident we are. It’s not hard to make the change. Just takes a few steps before you can start running. So let’s break it down,

With #ChallengePacks you get to pick how you start. But where do you start? There’s a lot to choose from, which is good and in a way frustrating. Here’s the first step

Who are you, what kind of physical activity do you love to do? When you are stressed what do you love to do to get that extra fire put out? Running, dancing, boxing, yoga, intense movement, there are so many to list. There should be something that pops into your head and that’s your answer. That choice is going to make you succeed or quit.

I’m all about music and dancing, but I also love kickboxing. So my go to trainers are of course. I’m not going to plaster sales all over this page. I just want you to see the vast amount of goodness that comes with one small investment. I can post a picture of the moral and human support you get with my accountability group. That is private and our own little party and cheer squad.

#ChaleneJohnson and #ShaunT (that’s another post, coming later)


Turbo Jam Challenge pack what’s in it for you!

Let’s do the math. You join the gym pay the monthly membership, when do you actually start going?  Right away, absolutely. You paid the money let’s do this. Then life happens, kids activities, sickness, work, you name it, the minute you invest,  life happens.  Do you remember to cancel that membership, or stop the trainer fees? I don’t know about you, but if I don’t stay committed I keep saying, “Maybe tomorrow!” Tomorrow turns into a week, a week turns into a month. Next thing you know you are out a couple hundred dollars because of false promises to yourself. Then your health gets put on the back burner again.


It’s ok if that DVD sits a bit. Let me tell you when you signup with a coach. We won’t let that DVD sit. We will ask you to become part of a private accountability group. I, as your coach, will be there for you every step of the way. That program and trainer will be waiting for you, as well as people going through the same challenges and pitfalls as you. With one small investment, life as you know it can change for the better.

Who doesn’t want more energy, better clarity, balanced moods, natural balance in life. It’s as simple as one shake. Oh, I know “Not one of those nasty diet shakes!”

When you meet me you’ll find out DIET is not in my vocabulary. You will never hear me say that word in a positive tone. There is a reason the word DIE is in DIET. Diet die because you deprive your body and your mind. Your mind is like a child, brilliant and adorable manipulative in ways you can’t understand. You take something away, in time your mind will seek revenge. Which in turn results in binge eating. Or burning muscle instead of fat. Without the right nutrients and balanced diet you have nothing to work with. Don’t punish your body, mind or spirit. Feed it and love it!

With Shakeology you are going to WANT to consume that. Once you put that shake in, with some almond milk and bananas. The taste is like eating candy. Guiltless candy, that feeds, fuels and improves your body. 

Put that meal plan on your friday to always remind you. One investment will be there when you are ready. Now with a gym and trainer you are constantly paying.

If you have ever been curious what comes in a #ChallengePack

Here’s what you get in the #TurboJam challenge pack. This pack is for those that love to box, dance, and just have fun. At the same time you are sculpting abs, tightening your body, and burning serious calories.

  1. Free supply of #Shakeology ($130 in savings)
  2. Meal Plan
  3. Fitness Routines
  4. Always a bous routine
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Weighted Gloves to add that extra calorie burn
  7. Free month of Beach Body on Demand (that’s another page of fun)
  8. Private Accountability Group
  9. Discount on products

This is just a taste and sample of one of our #ChallengePacks there are so many more. We also have just nutrition base ones. No fitness programs included. If you love your way of fitness already we have other programs that can keep you energized, focused and motivated. I would love to chat with you. Don’t be shy and drop me a line, anytime