Certified 40 hours 

I can’t believe how fast time has passed. 40 hours of certification has just flown by. I’m a new person and newly educated. It’s amazing what kind of paths enter your life. Being an intern for Power Edge has offered so much to me  as well as brought forth so many opportunities. Not to mention how yoga has changed my life and body. I’m a busy mind always worrying about everything. With yoga it’s easier now to relax my mind and not worry about everything for that one hour. It’s a challenge but at the same time a blessing.

I’m glad this opportunity entered in my life. The way of learning is so hands on. Even a person with the worse shyness would conquer that fear. My teacher creates such a welcoming environment teaching becomes a second nature. Especially to me which is strange, because I’m one who has an intense shyness. That others sadly mistake for ego.

Being a stay at home mom doesn’t leave much for meeting others. In these classes you’re introduced to so many personalities. You learn so much when you have so many interesting people to learn from. The funny thing is I was more of an intense cardio person. I had dabbled in yoga but never thought of it as a career. Now I wake up everyday ready to do more. When I first started training I was terrified with teaching. With each mock class I feel more and more ready. Even my daughter wants to take my class. That’s the best compliment I can receive. I have been teaching her at home. She’s ready for her first class.

I love that our studio is so community driven. This is our first chair yoga class that we collaborated with Pinot’s Palette Naperville The class was such a blast. The energy in the room was so contagious. I’m a little over focused when I paint. When chair yoga was taught during our breaks, it really brought me out of my art jail. I’m such a perfectionist the break was much-needed. I’m so excited for our next event. We are going to be doing Opulent Elephant. If this keeps happening I’ll never have to buy wall art again. If you have never went to a paint and wine event, you are missing out. If you have never did paint and wine with chair yoga, you haven’t lived.


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