I have a challenge for you!


Scroll Down for a challenge!

There were so many times I made excuses. Then I really decided to commit to at least six months. If after six months I didn’t get the results I wanted with all my hard work I knew something was wrong. The money was tight sometimes but  sold online or did some side jobs but I always earned to get my Shakeology

The changes shakeology made with my way of eating still amazes me. It really does take away the cravings of sugar and fatty foods. You can make ice cream out of shakeology  so I never had and still don’t have cravings for ice cream anymore. I can’t remember the last time I actually craved chocolate. I needed sugar, candy or chocolate on a daily basis before I became a Beachbody coach. I didn’t think anything could stop that craving. After a week or so I noticed I didn’t want all the sweet stuff that I usually did. Even during the toughest days, all of us ladies know what I am speaking of, not even then. I was shocked on those days, the toughest days we ladies go through, my symptoms and pains weren’t anywhere near as bad as they normally were. Sometimes I didn’t even realize it was that time. #Shakeology puts your body into balance, hormones, energy, cravings, sugar levels you name it. My father in law loves Shakeology as well. He has diabetes, and the shakes regulates his sugar intake. Which makes his sugar readings so much more acceptable. When your body is off-balance you have no idea. You just know something is wrong. The toughest part is trying to figure out what is making you feel the way you are feeling. With Shakeology I don’t have that issue anymore.

My journey started and the end of January. Life wasn’t fun,  everything bad that could happen in life, happened. I always relied on Beachbody for their fitness. I have to be honest I never invested in Shakeology that was over eight years ago. I was quite young and didn’t think I needed it. When I joined #Beachbody I was two months away from my 40th birthday. I didn’t look 40 but I truly felt older than I should. My daughter is now three, so if you do the math, you see I wasn’t a spring chicken when I had her. I had two c sections with each of my daughters. I honestly thought there was no hope for my body, energy levels or keeping up with my energetic girl. Which in turn caused a slight depression. I wanted to take control of my life and my body. Not the other way around.

Here’s the truth about Beachbody. It’s real life. It’s not a quick fix. There is no quick fix, unless you’re blessed financially to afford some liposuction, and lifts in all areas. But for the real people in the world, such as myself, the only solution was work. There’s a reason they call it working out. The beauty of Beachbody is they have a program for everyone. You find what you love to do and simply match the home workout to your taste of fitness.  If you will invest in that gym membership you never use why not make an investment that is more attainable. Like put in the DVD and push play. No need to leave the house. Wait until the kids are entertained and take 30-60 minutes for yourself. I turn it on before I’m even ready to rock out my workout. That way I am reminded what needs to be done, and I don’t lose focus.

Its time to make an investment in yourself, your health, and your well-being. I think what you pay for Shakeology is worth the possible future health issues I would endure. I can’t imagine where my helath would be if I hadn’t decided to take the step to take care of me. Not just for me, but for my family. I want to be there for them as much as they are there for me. What is more expensive to you? If you ever say “I can’t afford it!” You’re basically saying I don’t care enough about myself to make the changes in life to put away 4.oo a day. That’s all you really pay if you do the math. I bet you spend that on snacks, or quick lunches. Heck you probably spend alot more.

Challenge yourself for 30 days!

Keep track of what you spend on what goes in your body for 1 month.

Not food from the earth, processed and fast foods!

  • Those quick stops you make to get rid of that grinding in your stomach.
  • That quick stop to the vending machine because you forgot lunch
  • That quick fast food you run out to grab last minute. The food you’ll eat because you’re so hungry you will eat whatever you can find.
  • The food you grab because you don’t know if you’re hungry, thirsty or what you are.

If you spend less than 100. Then I guess you’re saving yourself some pennies, does your waistline agree with you! Or the person staring back at you in the mirror? Believe me I have been there. I’m training as a yoga instructor right now. That is a five hour class. I can’t imagine how much crap I would have eaten if I had’t had Shakeology. That simple change has changed my life.

I’d love to hear back from anyone who takes my challenge.

Think ahead or even back, do you always say “I wish…..” stop wishing and start doing. If you want someone who’s going to be there with you every step of the way. I want you on my team. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s start the steps of the you, you want to be.


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