Essential Oil Revelation

I have always loved oils. I just thought the only way I would really use them is just buying from the store here and there. Wow was I uneducated. I had no idea what you buy from the store isn’t anywhere near the purity of oil needed to make the difference they are so well-known for.  Being a Yoga Teacher I was introduced to Doterra Oils when class was completed and it was time for meditation and self-reflection. Lavender was the first Essential Oil I experienced. Now with its calming ways, and sweet aroma it’s one of my favorites.


The main reason I decided to join the Loyalty Rewards program with Doterra was simple, my family, especially my daughter. She’s almost thirteen and can’t stand pills or medicine of any type. The idea of not knowing what was going in her body always made her have a gag reflex when it came to any kind of medicine. I needed some way to make pain tolerable without having to take pills or things in that manner. She has an overactive mind as well, (just like her mom) so sleeping became a problem. Then add becoming a woman. The list goes on with girls we all know that.

One day she was putting on my three year old daughter’s  lavender lotion, she just kept smelling it. That night she slept calmly and didn’t toss and turn. That’s when it hit me lavender. So I fed my appetite of knowledge. I soon realized the whole world of essential oils and all the different ailments or everyday stresses they can help were at my fingertips. Now my daughter loves Cedar Wood and Lavender rubbed on her feet and pulse points and she so happy and focused for school the next morning. I could talk forever about Essential Oils but you need to experience them firsthand.

I would love to hold a class with you if you are in the Chicagoland area. We teach and educate wherever you would like to learn. I was amazed at how many things I already used everyday that already had some form of essential oil. No where near the grade or purity of Doterra but knowing how much I already use oils. Why wouldn’t I shop with myself earn points towards products, plus be rewarded my shipping costs back in credit. The giving back is a whole different post.



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