On Demand means #NoExcuses

Softsell5So many things have changed with Beachbody since I last made this page. Where do I start? We have an incredible option to stream every single workout anywhere you have internet. It’s called  Beachbody On Demand why do you ever have to step foot in the gym, or even have to carry a workout program with you. Stream all your favorite trainers wherever you go. You know sometimes you use vacations as an excuse not to workout. Talk about a great way to be accountable to yourself and your health.

I can’t say enough for this convenience. Since I have been doing Beachbody workouts for over a decade I am loving this. I had all the DVD’s and the different workouts. Then I always had to figure out how I was going to afford my newest obsession. With the Beachbody on Demand I can have access to any and all workouts I want. Never have to boot up my dvd player or worry about forgetting my workouts. Who doesn’t have a computer, or laptop or even your phone. This is the answer to fitness on the go. Workout outside the options are endless. What are you waiting for. Join my team today.


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