A Little About Me

My journey began with wanting to better my life and my health. I had always loved Beachbody and the positive influences the trainers and lifestyle brought into my life. Being a stay at home mom I needed something to keep me motivated and happy to take care of my health I am eternally grateful to Beachbody for bringing that into my life. The people I meet, the impact I have on their lives just by caring, is priceless. From the love and passion of Beachbody I was offered an internship with a small yoga studio.

During that internship my soul was awoke to the valuable and wonderful benefits yoga provides, mentally, physically and spiritually. Almost three years later I have attained so much. I have graduated and earned my RYT200 Through the years I have taught many different forms of yoga, including prenatal and postnatal yoga. I have also had the pleasure of introducing my fitness style into Barre Yoga.  Group teaching is very rewarding, as is Yoga teacher training. The journey and different paths yoga has brought is always changing and never-ending. I look forward to see where the rest of the journey takes me.


Oh you are probably asking where do essential oils come in. That I will direct towards my children. My toddler had the hardest time sleeping and I knew that wasn’t good. I was introduced to essential oils from my mentor. The impact was amazing she slept through the night and peacefully. My thirteen year old can not and will not take pills. Plus she has a bit of attention issues. With Doterra Essential oils I can naturally help my family and myself. I am so happy to know when something bad happens I don’t have to rush to a drugstore, or worry about side effects of the toxins I can’t even read. I can naturally ease the discomfort of everyone in my family. That helps me sleep at night as well as my Doterra Serenity Blend. If you see the pattern you see that all these experiences tie together. Happy Healthy Natural living. That is the way I want to live and pass that way of living onto my girls. Never having to wonder how to take care of themselves. That is all taken care of.