My Group Classes


Barre Obsessed!

My introduction to Barre has changed the way I look at fitness. I’ve always thought to burn you had to move intensely, and consistently

With #Barre it is an effective strengthening and toning while still having fun. However the movement is small. That’s the confusion when I talk to others about the effectiveness of Barre. Small movements can’t do much! Is usually the response I receive. Until they take a class and realize just how intensely effective a Barre workout is.

You feel muscles burn that you never knew existed. I have done every kind of workout you can think of. I have to say nothing compares to the strengthening and muscle-building effectiveness of #Barre. In the future I look forward to teaching classes to show others this incredible door to a new fitness phenomenon. If don’t know about Barre or have never taken a class, now is the time. I look forward to learning more and taking my education of #Barre to another level.


Mommy and Me Classes

What a treat it was to be able to share a space with wonderful moms and their children. Brining in yoga postures with the imagination and creation of stories, welcomes children to have fun while releasing energy out into the universe. While I told a story that happened with the use of yoga poses, the children and the mothers enjoyed connecting and bonding. At the same time the children were able to live out the story through yoga. The laughter and excitement of the suggestions they offered make mommy and me classes a time to cherish and enjoy.