YTT Journey 

YTT200 Teacher Training I love my Students


Graduation Completed I am officially YTT200 Certified


Second Certification Accomplished




Training Rolling on, love every minute of learning new things. A lifestyle I love to embrace and increase my education in, whenever I can.

I had already completed my 40 certification. No paper for me. Already ahead of these students. Education is so important

I have been having so many contemplations of where my future was going. Then out of nowhere I applied to a possible internship with a local yoga studio in Naperville The excitement I felt when I was told I got the position was overwhelming. Not only am I finally able to leave the house for something other than my children, but I’m also training to be a yoga instructor. With the roller coaster I am calling my life right now this opportunity has truly been a  blessing. My first class was so fulfilling I forgot how fun it was to learn. If you love yoga, and thought it wasn’t possible to take your knowledge onto a career path, you are wrong. With this studio you are able to sign-up for certification that will transfer for life and any yoga teaching experience you could imagine. If you’d like to know more, here’s a direct link to the description of what is included in this wonderful opportunity.

My first Yoga Certification

I am so excited to announce I earned my first certification. The experience was wonderful and very hands on. This community of teachers is so wonderful fun. It’s always surprising to me it’s training. The teachers I am learning from have all become part of a family. That is what this company is a family. Learn hands on, in a comfortable, open and educational atmosphere. While having a lot of laughs at the same time. I’m the sweaty one standing in the back on the other side of the tree. The lovely lady in front of me is my teacher. She’s always learning as well.13103525_223463958029117_443315548687786575_n

The community is like nothing else I have experienced in a class of completely new people.  We learn about the art of yoga, the spirituality and language of yoga. The intimate and welcoming environment makes you feel like you are at home. The best part the classes are interactive. You learn yoga, how to teach, how to connect with your students, how to make your students feel engaged and interested at the same time.